Sunday, September 16, 2012

PIX Sunday Safari – Al Lopez Park

The weather here in Florida, thankfully, has transitioned from spike-in-the-forehead-miserable, to simply sweat-your-brain-dry-hot. The overcast sky helped a little. It was only 90 degrees and 94% humidity. Almost winter. Hope you enjoy the pix.

Someone left Wilson to the gators.

There was love in the air for these two. Serious flirting.

This is the Cancer Survivors Plaza

And across the street is Ray-J, where our Bucs play...

The opposite corner is where the Yankees do their spring training.

Have a great week!

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. "Almost winter." HA!! Funny.
    Fortunately for me, we're having lovely fall weather in Utah right now: 80-ish in the day, 65-ish at night. Not too warm, not too cold.
    I don't think anyone could ever convince me to live in Florida, but your photos are very nice.

  2. Winter???????? :) Anyway, the serious flirting, I can see it, or why did you...peck...peck...but the photo before them, on top of the bench, so cute to me. The statues running about are quite awesome too. What a fun outing this was....from right here!

  3. Beautiful pictures as ever, Mac.

  4. I love the bird on the bench and the serious flirting! Great pics!

  5. I didn't know you were in Florida? So am I. We moved to Orlando in July and I LOVE it! The rain storms are my favorite!

  6. Does this site have a page on Facebook?