Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If the point to blog is to build a rapport
Ask yourself...why do you want to piss off the people you are trying to reach, by using validation on your comments?

If validation comes up...from now on I'm just clicking out.

I'm done with that.


  1. Well, I'll miss having you comment then.
    Some of us don't do it to piss people off. Some of us do it to protect our jobs. Seriously. But you probably don't care. So, have a nice life, but please know that it was never to piss off anyone.

  2. I feel you're pain....I do get a bit angry sometimes, especially when I do several weekly posts where some have like 70 bloggers that I visit! It's like really? I don't have it, and I get spammers in my spam folder-that I delete. But my blogging-life has been good for me, and my job, and my family and my neighbors by not using that ends my rant! :)

  3. I typed a long message out on a friend's blog...the whole time dreading have to interpret yer validation.

    clicked publish


    No validation moderation message.

    Oh well. I'll improve my rant here.

    My wife is a middle school teacher...thus I understand how a teacher must be sensitive to what shows up on their blogs.

    Validation fights application/robot spamming. My argument is none of us receive spam to such a degree to warrant the use of Blogger's validation.

    My opinion.

    So...if the content of the comments is the issue, I recommend moderation. The comment never becomes visible to your reader until you approve (ironically, after leaving my friend a message, that disappeared, I saw she already has moderation activated).

    I went on to another pet peeve. No-reply.

    Blogging is about building rapport and networking. There are good reasons to maintain privacy...of course.

    But there is a better way than no-reply.

    Set up another free email (gmail/yahoo...they're everywhere)...and use it exclusively for your blogging. You private account is still your private account.

    This rant is done.

    Yall have a great day.