Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fantasy Map

I'm considering adding a map to my fantasy novel, Lord Regent. I have a black and white political…or a color terrain map.

1) Should I use one prior to Chapter 1?
2) If yes, which?

Hope you're having a great weekend.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. The color one is more eye catching obviously but either one is fine. But yes, I'd use this, it would help! LOL.

  2. Yes I agree the first one is more striking, and yet there's something clean and crisp about the second one, a bit more subtle, opening for the text. Maps are always intriguing, we were at the zoo today and my grand-daugther (age 3) was drawn to every map they had in stations along the way....not that she could follow one of them, but they pulled her in.

  3. I personally like the color map.

  4. Color is easier to read; but for e-books maybe not practical. I like maps at the front of books so they are easy to find.

    Shoot, I haven't started the novel you sent me yet. Sorry. I should be able to start this week.


  5. I htink Donna may be right. Color looks beautiful, but it may not come out right in an e-book.

    And yes, prior to Chapter 1 after the title page.

  6. The b&w zings on the dry ink Kindle, but the color comes realistic...professional.

    On the tablet, the color is by far the better choice I think...but every hour my mind flip flops. (maybe I'm a closet politician)