Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Arghhh...I hate word verification on comments

The spam function of Blogger is excellent. I rarely get offered a bogus comment in my moderation.

Also...I love to reply back to my followers who took the time to comment. WHAT is with the noreply? Why bother leaving a comment?

I'm just saying.


  1. OMG YES! Yesterday I had three attempts at word verification before I just gave up.

    I get a lot of spam, but it is all caught by the filter.

  2. I hate the word verification thing, too. My eyesight is bad enough, I don't need any help.

    So I don't use it on my blog. All my spam gets caught, though. I just go into blogger and delete them occassionally.

    I've never understood the noreply e-mails, either. Of course, I reply to comments on my blog (another reason I don't use the verification thingy), so it's not a huge issue.

  3. Those word verification things are really hard to read sometimes. Argh. If I can't read 'em the first time, I hit the little refresh circular arrow and get a new one. Saves me some time. I don't use 'em on my blog. Never had a spam problem.

    The no reply? Frustrating! I think a lot of writers don't even KNOW their blogger profile is set to no reply. Or they don't want to be bothered with email...but isn't that the point, to connect with other people?

  4. People might just be technologically dense like me! ;)

  5. The 'no reply' I find more irritating than word verification. Having said that, it's even more irritating if you've had to navigate word verification first : )