Monday, September 17, 2012

Amend Article II

I interrupt my normal foolishness for a social rant.

How many times has your phone rung during dinner? And we still have seven weeks until the election.

Imagine what we could accomplish in this country with the BILLIONS being spent on the upcoming presidential election. We could beat heart disease, cancer, and probably find homes for all the unwanted pets in our shelters.

My leisurely Saturday motorcycle ride was interrupted by a motorcade. Have you ever seen one of those motorcades? Talk about shock and awe. A dozen black SUVs, flashing lights, sirens, surrounded by dozens of police cars and motorcycle cops, shutting down every intersection within ten miles. The money saved on ONE motorcade could end poverty in the US.

I think the US president holds too much power anyway. Elect the president from within the Senate. The twist: Elected from the MINORITY party (no…not the Green Party…the party with the second number of members in-quorum). We never want the legislature and executive branches held by the same party. That is always a debacle. Make them work together, or nothing changes. No change can be better than the wrong change.

Kicker: Power changes anytime the president loses a vote of confidence. (One thing I like in European politics.)

Let's end the madness.

Dang, I'm smart. Who's with me?

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. I'll vote for you Mac, lol. But only if you drive by on your motorcycle :)


  2. If you're talking about Brussels. There is no democracy - not even a pretence when you get to vote for punch or judy