Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today's Favorite Pasage

"What do you have for me there?" he asked, changing the subject, pointing to her ration bag. He tossed away the rough end of the fruit he had been gnawing at.
"The store is open. We have jerked venison, dried fruit, jerked venison, dried fruit, and look here." She smiled broadly, holding up the remnants of a round of cheese—one of the delicacies they started the journey with. She tossed the chunk over to him.
"Ahh, the benefits of rank."
"For having a generous secretary don't you mean, m'Lord?"
Justen cleaved the rind with his dagger. Jabbing one half, he held it out to Clarisa. She accepted with a dramatic bow and sat next to him. A tad too close. Their auras clashed for a moment making Justen's skin tingle. He raised the power within his aegis, but her emotion continued to bleed into his own. She said nothing. Was this a tease? She had to sense the energy spreading between them. He shifted his thoughts to Maria, then to the emerald eyes of Atael, before returning to the image of Clarisa, bare above the waist, in the training pit.


  1. Oh yes, it's getting a bit steamy in here! Very interesting....

  2. Their auras clashed . . . I love that!