Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Safari – Boyd Hill Nature Preserve – St. Pete, FL

Was the perfect day for hiking here today, with Tropical Storm Isaac skimming Florida…overcast and windy, made it cooler, and kept the skeeters off a bit. Trekked across the bay, into St. Pete. Enjoyed Boyd Hill a lot. I recommend it. Hope you like today's pictures.

 A little guy...snout was only about 4" long
 See him peeking out, below?

Have a great week. (If you would like to receive a link in the mail every Sunday...drop me a note)

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Photos are beautiful. Especially liked the little gator.


  2. Cool pics! Hope the storm doesn't affect you any. I'm afraid it's going to hit Atlanta just as I arrive down there for Dragon*Con! We'll see...

  3. I'm hoping and trusting that you are in a safe area away from the horrible storm brewing across ...I just learned through my niece that her sister and family are right in the middle of it (or rather were this morning)...stay safe!

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