Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shout-Out for a Favorite Indie Author

When you find an author's voice you love, it is a precious thing. For traditional authors, for me that is James Butcher, Robert B. Parker, Carrie Vaughn, and Janet Evanovich…an eclectic bunch to be sure.

I have a small number of Indies I love too, C.L. Bevill, J.C. Phelps, Claire Farrell, Lin Welch, and the lady I shout out today…India Drummond.

I fell in love with India's voice in her first novel I read, and ORDINARY ANGELS propelled her skyward in my reckoning. OA is a pleasant read, in that you relax and follow her colorful and lovely characters without the anxiety you tread forward with in a James Butcher novel, say. India excels with her characters, which is what I read for.

I loved Zoe. I pictured her as a cross between the medium on BEING HUMAN and Penny of BIG BANG THEORY. Inhibited (okay…that isn't Penny), not incredibly socially astute, sweet, caring, with sex appeal enough to stop a male rhino in his tracks. Not a five star plot buster…but even better for me…a smooth read throughout, without a single scene you find yourself scanning over. Kudos, from a writer who is very hard to please. 

Go check out India's novels. If characters are important to you…she will become one of your favorite Indies too.

Find her on AmazonBarnes and Nobles…or her site.

Have a great week.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. I love your review. It makes the book sound so different and original. I'm adding it to my TBR list!