Sunday, August 19, 2012

PIX Sunday Safari – Desoto Park, McKay Bay

I was asked why no pups lately. It's been too hot. And then all week I was wanting to take a pup…so Molly and I two-wheeled it on the Wing. Yep. It was too hot for her, even though she got several wades in. I thought she was gonna fall over, the poor thing. She's gettin' too old for long hikes anyway.

Hope you enjoy the pix.
We were wanting to sit under this fountain by the time we were done

 This is 'The Moll'

 Downtown Tampa

This is a recycle material power plant we hiked around...I just thought it was a cool picture

Eerie...a city popping out of the swamp
Yep...Molly was hot...and tired

Since Moll got a baff...the other two did too. And it wasn't even Saturday night)

Have a great week.


  1. The last two pics are my favorites! And I love the dogs!

  2. I'm with Lisa, that last one is awesome.

    Keep those pups cool! :-)