Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beta-Readers—Cover Decision Time—Blurb

Calling for Beta Readers
I'm nearing the end of edit for my other-world fantasy. Anyone interested in beta reading, please drop me a note.

Here is the draft blurb (thoughts, anyone?)
Justen is a royal, an outsider, single-born in a world of twins, one always male, one female, who share a telepathic connection. Ostracized for being different, half a soul, a single consciousness, he struggles for acceptance.
A force grips him, an anger that presses him to develop the clarity that comes natural to twins.
When the king disregards succession and names the seventeen-year-old regent, Justen's survival depends upon mastering his emerging, arcane powers, and consolidating support, while facing threat of rebellion, assassination, and foreign encroachment.

I will be publishing Lord Regent and its sequel together…but like to have the covers for a series done early. Here are some early mock ups. Any thought?

-R. Mac Wheeler

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  1. The blurb is awesome! I am very interested! I like the very first cover.