Monday, July 9, 2012

My latest novel is available—a Contemporary Fiction-Suspense

Whoever murdered Bea Ruud's rapist didn't do her a favor. The investigating cop hounds her and her family, and they have skeletons four decades old they'd prefer remained buried.
The man who drugged and raped her had the kind of business associates that weren't above knee-capping and castrating a double-dealing attorney. So why's the cop obsessing about her?
Being a victim has overwhelmed Bea for a year and her nightmares have resurfaced. Her entire life she's battled overlapping shadows, but this latest is the darkest. To move on she must fight a war with obscure rules. 
Living in Shadow is contemporary fiction-suspense, a sequel to Two Brothers Two Shadows, contains adult dialog and situations, with the promise of romance the protagonist seems incapable of grasping.

Read a six chapter excerpt here. 

Download LIS for your Kindle or Nook today.


  1. Wow, look at all those titles, this one looks like a great addition!

  2. Oooh sounds really good!! I LOVE suspense stories! Sounds like something I'd really enjoy reading! Thanks for sharing!