Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

There was a face in the waiting room that looked vaguely familiar. Either a fellow biker or a beagle, and by the cheap suit, imagined the latter. A biker would have better taste.
"You're an attorney?" I asked.
He nodded. 

Living in Shadow…in edit…available for your e-reader soon.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Hmmm

    Any lawyers out there?

    What is your favorite derogatory term for an attorney?

    (I'll bet if you've ever gone through a divorce, you have several favorites)

  2. "cheep suit"? Is that what Big Bird wears? Sorry! This is in edit mode now, right??? Just ever helpful! I liked the "face in the waiting room". I did not understand "biker or a beagle" Beagle must be slang for lawyer?? I'm sorry, so naive I guess.

  3. More context/setting probably would have helped.

    Bea is at the police station to pick up her dad who had been picked up for questioning...she wasn't in a good mood.

    She is an attorney herself, but not a criminal she feels out of her domain.

  4. Okay, I checked and they used the term "legal beagle" which now I remember hearing before. So I get that! Yea! But why "cheep" instead of "cheap"? Was that a part that I would get if I'd read more prior to this exerpt? Sorry for bugging you. I really like this excerpt, and it is well written. But the spelling of "cheep" bothers me.

  5. ...
    We dyslexics are horrible spellers.

    I got cheep corrected *smile*