Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

"The least you could have done was have coffee ready," Dad said.
"The sun isn't even up."
"Quick with an excuse. You sound like a good lawyer."
"Always with the lawyer jokes. You sound like a second-rate plumber."
"Thank you," he said. "Never been so complimented. Most people remind me I'm a journalist, like it's the lowest form of endeavor. I think prostitutes get more respect."
"Generate ecstasy," I said. "Journalists inflict pain and suffering."
Good point. I need to work that into an op-ed one of these days."

Living in Shadow…in edit…available for your e-reader soon.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Mac-
    Wow! Great dialogue - terse, sharp, and very engaging...
    Journalists generating ecstasy? Now that's a tall order :)


  2. I agree that journalists inflict pain and suffering, but news reporters are the worst. They inflict it on the poor viewers as we put up with their unclever cliches (yet they think they're being very clever).

    Great excerpt!

  3. Is this the opening? Excellent dialogue.


  4. Wow! I love the easy, witty banter!