Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pix - Sunday Safari - Trout Creek to Morris Bridge Road

Molly is still favoring her foot (cut it at the beach 3 weeks ago) so I headed off on my own Sunday Safari again, this time east, to the Trout Creek Wilderness Park...which connects via bike/hiking paths to Morris Bridge Road Park (and Flatwoods Park...I didn't get that far). Saw deer, a pack of havalinas (those things way I was getting my camera out of my pack that fast), a wild turkey, and of course a couple ubiqutous gators. Hope you enjoy my pix

 If you aren't from the south...the phalic roots sticking out of the ground are cyprus knees.

 The Hillsborough River

 Had to throw in a picture of a turtle...I was out looking for wildlife...afterall.
 I should have set a quarter by this was about as big as my fist.
This little guy was about 3 feet long

 This was the other guys older brother...he was about 6 feet long

Have a great week.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. I remember seeing one of those little guys (he was a baby she said) swimming by their place as we just brought the boat in from fishing! Another amazing fact (from someone not from the south) is fishing with shrimp as bait! Head and all! It was a very delightful afternoon of fishing! What a lovely day out you had....! Nice bike too! Hope Molly is fully recovered soon! I'm sure she misses her outings!