Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pix - Sunday Safari - Hillsborough River/Bay

Molly's foot needs a few more days, but she got to go for a motorcycle ride yesterday...cooled off at Lake Thonatosassa. The folowing pictures are my traipsing around by myself along the Hillsborough River, the Channel, Davis Islands and the Yacht Club. Hope you enjoy

 I like train tracks
 Tampa University in the background

 Kennedy and Cross Town bridges over the Hillsborough
 I love the train trestle
  The Channel

 My bud, a Brown Pelican
 This is where the RNC convention will be in a couple months

 I bought this little bungalow with my Two Brothers advance  (bwa ha ha)

 Tampa Yacht Club

Yall have a fantastic week.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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1 comment:

  1. What amazing pictures, I wish I knew the names of these lovely creatures that walk the earth! Great shot of the tracks too! ...and I bet Molly felt really good with her ride! ...and all that fresh air! Hope your week is great too!