Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Author India Drummond

India Drummond, author of the Caledonia Fae urban fantasy series, which includes Blood Faerie, Azuri Fae, and Enemy of the Fae  and the paranormal romance Ordinary Angels has graciously agreed to chat with me about her writing. I initiated my stalking looked her up after reading half of Blood Faerie.  I knew she was going to be a favorite read in the future. 
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India, as I told you, you had me after the first half of Blood Faerie. You created such a marvelous protagonist. I felt an extraordinary connection with her. Excellent characterization. The setting was incredibly spooky, and riveting.  

When Munro kissed Eilidh ("Haley without the H")…her response was a knife between my ribs.  Five stars. Could you give us your elevator speech (blurb) on the world of your Faerie series with Eilidh? How the stories connect. 

This is a bit difficult without giving too much away, because Eilidh and Munro’s lives and situations change vastly from the first book to the third, and I don’t want to include spoilers for people who want to experience the surprises as they read. As far as the overview though, in the first, Eilidh and Munro meet and are both discovering how to use their very different magic while battling a faerie turned serial killer.  

In AZURI FAE, they are separated by some physical distance, but they realise the depth of their relationship and begin to discover the strength of the ancient bond they inadvertently triggered in Book 1. An Otherworld prince asks Eilidh to find his missing son, and they discover that mystery is related to the sudden vanishing of half of a Scottish village.  

Book 3 takes place mostly in the Otherworld. They’ve settled into an understanding of their relationship, but that is tested when Munro is implicated in the murder of a political prisoner, and Eilidh is forced to send him away. But that choice sends him on a journey where he learns that humans and faeries once had a very different relationship. In the face of accusations, treason, mass murder, all of the main characters must make serious choices, sometimes with deadly consequences. 

For me, many of the arcs are completed in this trilogy, but several more are opened. A few months ago, I announced that I’m going to continue this series, beginning with Book 4, DRUID LORDS. My plan is to bring other characters to the fore (and introduce new ones). Most of the old faces (at least those who survive!) will be important to the continuing story, but I feel comfortable branching out now that so much has been resolved in the first three books. 

India, thanks for stopping by and visiting with us. Yall, go buy Blood Faerie. 

-R. Mac Wheeler

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