Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Jeff Bezos – Indie Quality

I have exclusively read Indie authors the past three years. Many have stories and characters that inspire and rivet. But mostly the poor editing annoys me so much I can't get past the third chapter.
Please consider instituting a quality program, an editing certification process authors can apply to show their work has been edited.
You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Programs exist already. Yes, it will take some coding to apply the process, and a creation of a new database. But a quality threshold is needed to take self publishing to the next level. It was needed years ago.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Now that is a positive suggestion!

  2. It's so funny over my recent holiday I poured over a few cook-books (really)you know healthy but yummy stuff, and I was shocked by the errors or words missing here and there. Sure why bother putting the word oven, we knew that already...but it sure does give you pause as to what else may go wrong....and actually with that one it did! The chicken was completely under cooked, so yeah, another mistake! :)

  3. We do need a Quality type thing, as a former QA for electronics, I have no problem if I like an author enough to read them anyway, I have seen typos in books from greats like Stephen King, it happens. Fiction ain't directions, or recipes, it's fiction dammit. But if it will get authors more followers and keep them writing so I can fill up my for QA in'd get my vote, not that it really matters.