Monday, June 11, 2012

2B2S Available -- A Give Away

My novel, TWO BROTHERS TWO SHADOWS is now available—a contemporary fiction-suspense, of family, love, mentors, motivation, and coming-of-age. [Share my Facebook announcement and I will give you one of my 15 published novels, your choice.]
Half-brothers John Ruud and Tony Rollins are as distinct as two raised under the same dysfunctional roof can be. One is an introverted, suicidal underachiever, the other a talented athlete, focused and driven student. One sells dope. One is senior-class president. One commits murder and the other goes to war. Once best friends, they grow to resent and hate each other.
Their diverged paths writhe chaotically into a future neither planned, their careers seemingly chosen by others, always at odds, fate determined by mistaken identity and the death of friends.
The women who love them inextricably weave their lives together.
Read a ten chapter excerpt here 
-R. Mac Wheeler
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