Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

Standing so close to the exotic girl from Ohio, a cinderblock lodged in his left lung. He wasn't even sure where Ohio was. Up north somewhere, since his dad called Eunice a damn Yankee. Had to be from a large city. Yankee to John equated to someone from New York City, or a place like it. He was shocked when she admitted she came from a city much smaller than El Paso. Smaller than El Paso was something like Clint, or Fabens. That's where hicks lived. She didn't look like a hick.
Hicks couldn't have boobs like that.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I forget where Ohio is too! Ha ha! Not really, but when I lived in Michigan we went there more from Minnesota it's like where is Ohio again? I did enjoy this passage ! You are an excellent story teller! My favorite term, because most everyone can write....but not all can spin a story!