Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pix - Wednesday in the Woods

Was only 77 degrees this morning, but it felt like 97.

The woods had a lot of wild flowers, even though we haven't had rain in three weeks. (oh please, please, rain!)

Did I mention it was a gorgeous morning...despite breaking a healthy sweat?

Molly found a tasty potato to chew on

 This beautiful fellow was giving us an extraordinary serenade. He was singing his head off.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Nice pics! I especially like the colorful serenity of the second one, with the clouds and trees. :) Hope you get some rain soon! We've had plenty of it lately here in Oregon, though yesterday and today is sunny.

    And YES--as per your comment on my blog: definitely "brag" and share great news, but I meant more like for writers not to be condescending or patronizing. :)

  2. You may gladly have some of our rain! There has been far too much, and the lightning has caused random fires about as well! Your photos are always dreamy, but the sky and trees (and that awesome well groomed grass) is stunning! We've had some of those gigantic fluffy clouds a lot too! Just beautiful!

  3. The secret to rain: have your government issue a drought order and a hosepipe ban. It hasn't stopped raining over here since. But then who'd want to use their hosepipe in a thunder storm?