Friday, May 25, 2012

More Tired Expressions Found in Blurbs

I'm on a mission. Annihilate all those worn out expressions and clich├ęs. I found the following in blurbs just the last few days. (In BLURBS!! That has to be our crispest writing! Evil. Evil)
1.     A storm is brewing
2.     Turns upside down
3.     Their only hope
4.     Once and for all
5.     Let the dust settle
6.     One step ahead
7.     Takes the reader on a wild ride
8.     Fasten your seat belt
9.     A problem arises (just plain dull)
10.  Spins out of control
11.  Leaves his safe life behind
12.  Confront his past
13.  Best laid plans
-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Ok "a problem arises" is less dull as "felt crushed beneath her heel"! ..."in the vacuum of his words, she read on......!" Words, a brief but sensational encounter.
    How's the poor little foot doing? :)

  2. I've found so many blurbs are cliched I hardly read them anymore. Makes a good cover all the more important.