Friday, May 18, 2012

Call for Beta Readers / Reviews

I will be putting Two Brothers Two Shadows into Kindle format within the week, to complete my final edit pass before publishing.
Please drop me a note at rmacwheeler (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to beta read.
Do you write reviews? Does the blurb below sound interesting? Want a copy? Consider posting a review on B&N or Amazon and you can have one.  
Half-brothers John Ruud and Tony Rollins are as distinct in personality as two raised under the same dysfunctional roof can be. One is an introverted, suicidal underachiever, the other a talented athlete, focused and driven student. Once best friends, they grow to resent and hate each other.
One sells dope. One is senior-class president. One commits murder and the other goes to war. Their diverged paths writhe chaotically into a future neither planned, their careers seemingly chosen by others, always at odds. Fate determined by mistaken identity and a friend's death.
The women who love them bizarrely weave their lives together.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. I'm still reading Blue Eyes. But this sounds great!