Monday, May 21, 2012

Anecdotal Evidence FREE is Hurting Us

When you see if firsthand, it may make a bigger impression. For all of you authors giving away your hard work for free, consider this discourse. 
My wife was talking with a peer at work about her new Kindle. "You know, all of my husband's work is available on Kindle."
"I'm not buying anything. There are more free downloads than I'll ever read."
My beef isn't with freebie short stories, even novellas that promote your work. Every time you give away a free, full-length novel, you eliminate a sale from someone. 
-R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. I agree with you. I wouldn't give away a full length novel for free. Short stories or novellas could whet the reader's appetite so that might be a good idea for freebies but I'm with you. You worked hard on that novel, charge for it!!! It doesn't have to be much but I think writers should charge for it. I think it also lets the world know that you believe your work has value.

  2. There are so many pros and cons to the free-book syndrome. On one hand, authors who have put their book up for free for a short time have seen sales balloon after that. And the crossover to similar books by other authors seems to happen, too. Some readers I have talked to said they buy a lot more books than they get for free. They are very picky about what they read and won't take a book just because it is free. They would rather buy a good book from an author they trust.

    Just another viewpoint. (smile)

  3. I certainly hear you. Not so sure that some people will care, if they can get it free they will. Why would they even bother to care about someone they don't even know? (Sadly it happens too often) It seems this topic needs to be addressed to a wider scope....and even then not so sure it will do any good. On the bright side, a writer can spread his wings so he/she has a major fan base. Long ago I started buying Alice Hoffman's next novel...the second it arrived!