Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blurb for TAIL KICKER...whaddaya think:


This SF thriller ricochets between prison breaks, conspiracy, shootouts, assassins, corrupt cops, conflicted love, and arcane mysticism, tempered by a motherly artificial interface. 
Angel, a dwarf raised in an institution, careens from her safe career managing cargo in the Merchant Corps to dodging plasma charges and bombs. She's been stalked by a peculiar savant with an eerily similar history, who recruits her into the Marshals Service to keep rein on the EU's gamier residents in the galaxy's frontier.
In her new life as marshal-pilot of the newly commissioned Tail Kicker, Angel stumbles from whoopin' to debacle. The royal-blue, armored vests the marshals wear are more like bull-red targets. They attract bad guys with a profound hatred for the elite officers of the Service. Angel's never taken a last name—Claypigeon would fit.
TAIL KICKER is the fourth volume of the PERSONA KORY MAE series. 

-R. Mac Wheeler
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