Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Favorite Passage

During their week of prep time together, the team quickly picked up on Patrice's manner of batting her eyes at her husband, and the way he paired endearments to her in every other sentence.
So it didn't take long for the other team members, willing to stoop low for fun, to throw terms like sweetie pie pumpkin, and snoodle sweet cheeks within their routine conversations. The eye bat with the cocked head usually worked well alone, without being tied to endearments.
The Pattersons were probably well used to people pointing down their throats, as in, gag me, after listening to them talking together. They more than took the jests in stride. They went to some level of effort to encourage the fun. They couldn't have raised the camaraderie among the team more if they had appeared every morning in full clown face.
-R. Mac Wheeler
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