Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pix -- Pups go to the University

Storm last night blew in cooler temperatures--55 degrees and still blustery when we did our hike this morning. We treked over to the USF campus. Beautiful campus--has tripled in size since Dina and I moved here in '86.

 Shriner facility is knock down beautiful...pisses me off they have to ruin the ambiance by explaining to idiots it isn't proper to smoke at a cancer institute.

 I'll admit mockingbirds aren't that beautiful to look at...but a gaggle of a dozen can sound like the most amaing synfony.

R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. That's a world away from the brick monstrosity that was my Uni campus :-)

  2. Very nice. No students : )

  3. We do our off-leash hikes on Sunday morning when there aren't a lot of people likely to be around. Corporate campuses make great dog parks on Sundays.