Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Guest, Author Lisa Shafer

Lisa Shafer is a Utah based YA author who has never actually met any vampires.  Yet.

She blogs over here. You can find her paperback here. E book over here. And she hangs out over on Goodreads.
I encourage you to go buy ten of her books and gift them to your favorite people, and follow her blog.
Here's a quick glimpse of the author:
Question: List ten words that represent your writing style?
A: 1st person POV, authentic, teen-centered, fast-paced, realistic descriptions.
Question: List ten words that represent your style of/favorite characters.
A: very real teens, imperfect, insecure, intelligent, articulate, a touch of the paranormal. (Oops.  That was 12 words.  Can you live with that?) Note: I'm basing my word selections on more than just the one published book.  I have the sequel in the final editing stages, an unrelated book in the near-final stages, and a couple of first drafts in progress.  
Question: Five words that motivate you to write?
A: playfulness, entertainment, ideas, challenge, stress-release.  (That's all I can do without using complete sentences, such as, "The stories are already in my head anyway, so I might as well write them down.)
Question: Five words that describe your environment that enables your creativity.
A: 1) laptop, 2) notebook and pencil, 3) stacks of books as resources, 4) photos or Dad's paintings or other visual sparks, 5) iTunes for resource info. and/or imagery, not for background noise.
Question: Ten words to describe your most focused writing zone:
A: (I'm interpreting this as a physical zone, but I'm not sure if that's what you meant): messy piles, fortress, quiet, cool (temperature), chair, desk, laptop --- uh, that's it.

Question: Basic premise for the book you’d really like to write soon:
A: I'm about half-way through the first draft of a book about a girl who accidentally turns herself invisible with an herbal potion while trying to do research on acne remedies for a biology project.  The protagonist is named Nerissa, and she's very over-the-top in personality, a real diva, so she's very fun to write.

-R. Mac Wheeler
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