Friday, March 2, 2012

HUGE News-Volume 2 of Persona Kory Mae

Yep…I've reached an egg layer's benchmark. My twelfth novel, L1060 ACCORD, is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Please, immediately go buy a copy. I need the money. I have fifteen starving children, and Timmy needs new crutches.

It's worth every, measly penny. Two-ninety-nine! Can't beat that. It's like forty cents per hour for your escape from reality.

 A potty mouth dwarf-eccentric-scientist, a fur-covered alien, and a sexy Navy pilot are an eclectic trio to bring peace to a sector of the galaxy that has been in turmoil for a millennium. Caught in three-sided intrigue, they're asked to transport negotiators to a summit many don't wish to take place.
With elements in each of the factions trying to kill them, Toni Tegaris will risk everything in a scheme to isolate empire builders and unite men seeking real peace.
Two brothers in opposing camps are either smitten with her, or self-serving money-grabbers willing to kill her if she gets in their way.
Latch your seat harness, you'll experience multiple gees and enough time distortion to send you reaching for an analgesic.
R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Congratulations!!! I'm sooo impressed--twelve books! Awesome.

  2. As soon as I'm allowed to buy books again, I'll help support your starving children!

    Congratulations on an even dozen :-)