Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

"Do we have an understanding?" she shouted.
"We're communication experts," Arthur said, with an unsure smile. "But I think my left shoe understood you clearly."
She stood, took the three steps that separated them, and stuck a forefinger into his chest. He grimaced against the pressure she applied. Almost caused her to ruin the expression she struggled to sculpt.
"I catch you drinking beer again before your plan is finished I'll make a hat out of your scrotum, which I'll tan before I slice it off of you. Got it?"
"Got it," Reggie said for his friend.
His face was red enough to ensure he was sincere. The two backed out of the galley.
Paul said softly in his scratchy voice, "We aren't allowed to talk to our men like that in the Marines."
R. Mac Wheeler
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