Monday, February 13, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

"Who's Julia?"
"I am," she said, turning the corner and striding into the galley. "Did I hear you claim to be better at insults than me? You are so delusional."
She held her hand out. Uia just looked at her oddly, mid-bite. She wore the tight jeans she bought earlier, but had found a button-down work shirt that she tied together just under her girls, as though they needed the support. Toni was disgusted with the effect. But it explained his stupid expression.
"Excuse him. He's a little dim when he wakes up from hibernation."
"Sleep." Uia gave Toni a quick glare, and shook Julia's hand.
Toni interrupted their introductions. "And please, don't tell us how we humans are too simple to be able to pronounce all four hundred letters of your name. He'll answer to Chewie."
"Ignore her. I just allow her to stick around because she owns the place."
R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. I let my landlord stick around because he owns the place also. Hee hee! Great excerpt!