Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

He didn't look surprised. But then she wasn't an expert in Kreueigian body language. His lack of irritation or befuddlement disappointed her. She almost hoped he would decline—though any recommendations from anyone, even an alien, might ease her decision making.
Shopping was something she abhorred. She was more comfortable maneuvering a ship through a debris field, than shopping. It was such a girly pass time. Perhaps it was the attention it drew.
She had the taste of an alpaca, which is about how she felt looking at clothes—wooly. She was about as feminine as an alpaca. Refined was not an adjective anyone would ever use to describe her. For some reason, it made her feel like a hypocrite even looking at women's clothes. Over forty years in nothing but uniforms from a quartermaster and crawl-inside-an-engine-jumpsuits made her uncomfortable in civies. It was a hell of a lot more efficient to grab the next pair of overalls in the closet.
R. Mac Wheeler
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