Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pix in the Woods

I decided Lucy's feet were sufficiently healed+, so we headed for a short walk in the woods today.

(+Lucy jumped off the sea wall Sunday-last onto barnacles, and shredded her feet, poor baby.)

Sixty-Eight degrees and perfect. Caught a few decent pictures of a nesting pair of osprey. Cool. They love the nearby golf course. Lots of open ground there to hunt varmints, I guess.

If you're curious what Molly is eating in the third picture...we have what we call potato vines here in Florida. The drop seed-roots as big as your fist. She loves to chew them. (Loves me to throw them, in the absence of a tennis ball.)

R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Glad to hear Lucy is getting better.

  2. Wonderful pictures of dogs in woods. There's a lovely air of peace and quiet adventure