Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Guest, Author Claire Farrell

I'm ecstatic to host urban fantasy author Claire Farrell today. You can find her in Amazon here and Smashwords.  She blogs over here. She's opposite the pond from me, so is of course a mysterious, sensuous, and sultry figure. I like it that way. I struggle with her words that have esses instead of zees, though (chortle). Let's jump into her introduction.  

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you wish you could be one of your characters, and why?
Answer:  Can I minus?  I can’t think of one reason why I would want to be any of my characters. I’ve never written a character with an enviable life. They’re all disasters, and they get tortured by me which explains it all, really. 

Question: I loved Ava in Thirst. Give us a quick description of her.

Question: How much of you goes into your characters?
Answer: Very little. Except maybe Peter. We understand each other—do anything to my family and watch the insanity unfold. 

Question: How erotic are your stories on a scale of 1-10, ten being, make the reader's head explode.
Answer: Again with the minus. If you want to read something erotic, you should probably turn left at the Claire Farrell books. 

Question: If you didn't have to worry about family reading your books, would you/how much would you scale up the sexiness?
Answer:  I don’t have to worry about my family reading my books.  Hell hasn’t frozen over yet.  Even if they did, it doesn’t matter; I don’t worry what anyone will think while I’m writing.  I write the story that needs to be written.  If it calls for the sexy, it gets it, but as I personally find sex scenes are sometimes boring/repetitive to read, I’m not exactly looking for excuses to write them. 

Question: Which of your characters is your favorite, and why?
Answer:  Folsom.  Because he’s made of awesome. And I like grumps. Probably because I am one. 

Question: As you write, do you have a particular reader in mind—if so, describe him, or her?
Answer: Yes. Me. I write what I want to read. Which probably limits my audience. I like characters who aren’t perfect, who make massive mistakes because they think with their hearts, and who run headfirst into trouble. 

Question: Tell us a dirty little secret about you, which you'd never put in your Amazon bio.
Answer: I’m pretty frank, which isn’t conducive to secret keeping, but nobody outside of my household knows this life-changing (NSFW) whopper….  

Children, cover your eyes. 

I listen to K-pop (more specifically 2NE1) to keep me awake while I’m editing. Beat that if you can. 

Question: How does your family feel about you writing about nasty abnormals?
Answer: As long as I’m not writing about them, they don’t care.  It’s all fiction. 

Question: I love your covers. Can you tell us who you work with, and about that creative process?
Answer: Liar. I either buy stock photos or premade covers that capture (figuratively or literally) a scene or theme in the story, and tweak them until I get sick of it and just upload it already.  I’m still on the lookout for an artist who can work with a header who can’t articulate what she wants. 

Parting shot:  Realise, apologise, organise, etc.
Run over and download one of Claire's titles, and enjoy.

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  1. I actually really love the cover for A Little Girl in my Room. If that's a stock cover then I'm impressed.