Friday, February 3, 2012

I Broke Down--Have the Start of a Professional Web Page

I purchased the domain rmacwheeler Thursday.

So much fun building a new web page. It's a start, but I like it...since I like the look of my covers.

Nothing fancy, but I'll tweak over time.
R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Fantastic! I bought my web domain so I'd make sure and have a web site with my name for when I'm ready to build it. I better get going- I want to start querying agents again in a few months!

  2. Have fun getting organize.

    Nice covers.

  3. Oh yes! They look wonderful - and so many! I bought a domain name but I'm not using it. I may do differently down the road. Someone already has my name so I have to think of something else!

  4. Niiice.

    New follower here. 19th book? Really? Wowzers. I'll look forward to your future posts! :D

  5. Great! The covers look good, too.