Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feedback for Novel Blurb, Anyone?

Toni Tegaris, a potty mouth eccentric scientist and owner-captain of a Galaxy class merchant vessel, with her fur-covered, alien co-pilot, fall into an opportunity to double-dip in a three-way, galactic struggle. They team up with the sexiest brunet in the Earth Union Navy. (Toni hates her. What little person wouldn't hate an Amazon warrior?)
Tyrants want Toni to pilot negotiators to a summit other kingpins don't wish to take place. The EU Security Agency wants her to be a mole. Spying isn’t her business, but her unique position could allow her to nudge the L1060 sector toward peace. There may be elements from all three sides who wish her dead.
She isn’t one to back away from a challenge or do anything halfway. Besides, she has an annoying tendency to follow what flops in front of her. This won’t be the first time she’s chosen a path disruptive to her personal peace and quiet. She must decide to risk everything to bring together men of peace, and shut out those more interested in creating empires.
Amid the intrigue, she must determine if the man her heart goes lala over is one of the Empire Builders willing to eliminate her if she becomes a liability, or merely a pawn himself? Is his brother as altruistic as he appears, or just another self-serving entrepreneur? His first gestures make him to be a kook. But he's at least as cute as his brother.
L1060 ACCORD is a sequel to PERSONA KORY MAE, followed by FIRST CONTACT and TAIL KICKER, coming soon. Strap on your seat belt. 

R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Do you go to book festival to launch your books or just speard the work online?