Monday, January 23, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

     The birds that filled the tree line flowing along the first fairway celebrated the rising sun with more vigor than seemed necessary to Toni. Though she had been on-planet two days, her ears were far from adjusted to planet-side noise. A flock of obnoxious grackles wasn't something you frequently heard in space. It made the explosion of a collapsing distortion field seem musical—almost. Also, the chill of the air was an unexpected annoyance.
She pulled the zipper of the warm-up top she had bought the previous day up the last few centimeters. It didn't help. She shivered and felt like vocalizing an un-lady-like expression. The presence of the too-gentlemanly Colonel seemed to make her regular vocabulary non-gratis. She must like him. Nothing else could move her to behave.
She rolled her eyes and asked herself what in the hell she was doing there? She pulled her shoulders up and sunk her chin down to her chest. She studied the grass at her feet—the silvery dew that clung tenaciously to the thin, short blades enthralled her for the moment, until she heard the clack of a ball flying off the head of a seven iron, interrupting the sound of the birds.
R. Mac Wheeler
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