Monday, January 16, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

"The captain lives for the bridge, Richard."
Richard. A ridiculous code name.
"She has three times more hours behind a helm per year than the closest mariner. I assure you she would prefer to be there now, if we hadn't kidnapped her."
Rob's lips continued to move but Toni stopped listening. She was more interested in finishing off her ale.
The colonel's expression eased, perhaps happy for an opening to the conversation he was truly interested in. "How has your venture been going? I was disappointed I wasn't able to assist."
Toni tried to undo the glare she knew must have focused upon their host, but it felt glued on her face. She returned to her schooner to escape.
She watched the bubbles slowly making their way up through the dark brew. She left the two men to dance without her. Rob worked hard to avoid saying anything tangible. The colonel worked as tactfully as any salesman to wiggle out a nugget of information.
R. Mac Wheeler
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