Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's Favorite Passage

It was a little backward for him to be consoling her. The irony made her feel guilty. "To me, immediate gratification has always taken too long." She paused, as her memory tripped back a decade. "I had a crewmate once who constantly advised me not to get my panties in a snit, because it was just a job.
"Each day was just like any other, and nothing we did on Monday impacted much of anything in the galaxy on Tuesday. Keep the ship from plowing into a star, and the reactor from going critical, and you could consider yourself a hero for the day."
Rob nodded in agreement. Toni clapped him on the shoulder as she headed for the galley, Molly's nails scratching the metal plating of the deck for traction as she struggled to scramble up from her niche under the con to catch up.
"You're not getting your twenty-three hours of sleep a day are you girl, with me traipsing back and forth? You poor thing. You'll deserve an extra treat this evening, won't you?" 
R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Thanks for joining my blog, Mac, and it's nice to "meet" you! Your books look way interesting and the covers are top notch!