Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guest Calista Taylor

I've never read an author interview (more than a few lines anyway). They bore me to death. So my guest today, Calista Taylor, gets a reverse interview to see if she can entertain Me. (Since Calista writes about heaving bosoms, you can imagine what I'm looking for.)  

I present answers, and Cali has to develop the questions. I promise to give her lots of rope to… entertain you, too.

If you just want a boring interview (no offense, Dean), jump over to one she did last November. Calista's Traditional Interview.
 (Did I mention, besides authoring kick-butt novels, she has a knack for generating slick covers. Those on the right are examples.)

Answer 1: Straight sex has been overdone.
Question:  Have you always written sex scenes that involve more than one alien artifact and take place in a zero gravity zone? 

Answer 2: Sophomore year of high school.
Question:  The year you were assimilated by Cybermen? 

Answer 3: The back seat.
Question:  Where did you put the sonic screw driver? 

Answer 4: 6 Ways to Die.
Question:  What ebook has the most kick-ass cover? 

Answer 5: The latter is much harder.
Question:  Sex while driving down winding mountain roads or resisting the urge to use Elephant as your font? [an inside joke between us]

Answer 6: That's why the balls are orange.
Question:  Is that an orange tabby down your pants or are you just happy to see me? 

Answer 7: In the dark, with a modicum of painful writhing.
Question:  How do you get out of being hog-tied naked and strapped to the bed with duck tape? 

Answer 8: Jack.
Question:  You have a new title coming out, a grim reaper romance involving Jack the Ripper and soon to be released…what's the title? 

For the stuff she didn't answer, visit her bio. Visit Calista's home page over here. She blogs fromthewriteangle. 

Have a great day, yall.

R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. This was too much fun, Mac! Thanks so much for the interview and the kind words. : )

  2. That is hysterical! Great answers ... questions ... conversation! :)