Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guest Author—C.L. Bevill

Caren is an author of uncountable novels and tons of novellas. Find her on Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N. She blogs satirically over on Confessions. Visit her homepage. 

My regular followers know interviews bore me…so I'm looking at Caren to entertain me…not inform. So, let's get to it: 

Question: What single, personal experience most influences your writing?
Answer: As a child I was kidnapped by venomous spider people from the Amazon and felt that life in the normal world is somewhat dismal by comparison.  Therefore I was forced to use my imagination. 

Question: What would litter your writing if you knew your mother or child would never read your work?
Answer:  Are you kidding?  My own sister won’t read my writing and I’m pretty sure my child will probably be appalled until she’s about thirty-five, so it’s probably for the best. 

Question: What deep, dark, sexual fetish would you most like to get into every piece of writing?
Answer:  Oh, systematic toe sucking of course.  I can’t always work it in, however. 

Question: Your deity informed you the protagonist of your next novel must either be a bisexual werewolf or trampy dwarf who makes a living selling macramé. Which do you choose and why?
Answer:  I think I would go for the bisexual, trampy werewolf dwarf who makes a living selling macramé.  (By the way, I can never actually pronounce the word, macramé, so basically I’m hosed on that one.) 

Question: What is the creepiest personality trait of your all-time-favorite character?
Answer:  I always wanted to do a cannibal story so it’s got to be Hannibal Lecter and his interest in an open-minded diet.  

Question: Have you ever told about the loss of your virginity from a character's point of view? If not, why not?
Answer:  Well, you did say your questions wouldn’t be boring.  No, I have not done this in my writing.  Why not?  That one never occurred to me, but now I’m going to have go re-read all your stuff, Mac. 

Question: If you could snap your fingers and become one of your characters in his/her world, who/where would that be, and why?
Answer: One of my favorite characters is Bayou Billy and it would be fun to be a rude, misogynic asshat for a little while.  You know, just to get a different perspective.  Also to be able to shoot people in their butts.  (If you haven’t read the book then you wouldn’t understand.  But here’s your motivation.) 

Rude parting shot:  Yoda lives. 

Polite parting shot:  Yoda doesn’t live.  And George Lucas is crazy for not doing Star Wars sequels. 

If you haven't read any of Caren's work, are you crazy, or what? 
R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. I loved this. Please can we have more 'interviews' like this? (Or maybe just more from Caren!).

  2. Neat interview, groovy blog:)