Tuesday, January 3, 2012

6 Ways to Die on Amazon Kindle

The world is facing Armageddon, and Margarite's brother is responsible, at least for the three discoveries that make the destruction possible. Reggie is a medical researcher and he's engineered a targeted bio-weapon that can be distributed by the most common kitchen pest. As thanks, he expects he and Margarite will be killed to tie up loose ends. They don't know who they can trust, but they're committed to sabotaging the trial release, finding and destroying all trace of the bacteria.

As though Margarite doesn't have enough on her shoulders, she totes around a ton of family baggage. Her parents were unloving, alcoholic wackos who splattered themselves into a highway abutment two years ago when she was fourteen. She was left alone with Reggie, who is sixteen years older than her, a genius with Asperger syndrome incapable of sharing the love Margarite craves. They face multiple conspiracies and authorities who consider Reggie a terrorist. Their neighbor could be a spy using his own son to get close to them. The father figure she is drawn to may not be who he appears. 

They are lucky bunglers, if you consider being bludgeoned, exposed to a deadly pathogen, shot, isolated, and pursued by maniacs, as lucky. Margarite repeatedly stumbles into the midst of thugs, witnesses ruthlessness and competence she couldn't imagine from her brother.

R. Mac Wheeler
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  1. Cali...are you soaking up that praise.

    Love it girl!

  2. Maria's right about that cover, and what's chilling is life imitating art ref this new airborn Bird Flu virus scientists have mutated in a Dutch laboratory. What's the bet your story isn't even now being re-enacted in a Dutch accent.

  3. Great Cover! My you have been busy... I shall have to check out your books on Kindle. Good luck with 2012

  4. Decisions, decisions ... which one to buy?