Friday, December 16, 2011

Today's Favorite Passage

He cleared the long-abandoned toll plaza and the highway veered north. The mounds of kudzu on the shoulder flipped by in a blur. Hidden underneath it thousands of vehicles, most of them containing skeletons. He couldn't remember ever being revolted by the scene. It wasn't that he was desensitized. He'd never been sensitive to it in the first place. In his lifetime, they had always been there. The life of green, the beauty of red and yellow blooms of the vines and weeds, painted over what lay beneath.
It was difficult to imagine anyone pulling off the road to die, coughing blood in their lap, bleeding out before car engines stalled, left to rot under the sweltering Florida sun. So many of them, everywhere, impossible to deal with. Those who didn't get off the pavement were eventually pushed aside by a bulldozer.
From NEW ORDER APOCALYPSE coming to Kindle soon.

Regards, R.Mac Wheeler  
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  1. I'm certainly glad I posted this.

    I might not have caught 'hidden...hid' if I hadn't.


  2. I didn't even notice, it was so good. Very haunting.

  3. Thanks for posting. This was really engaging and so well written. I also didn't notice the oops.

    I dropped by to say thank you for dropping by my blog.I know I posted a teaser, but thanks to you, last night I finally posted the designed cover and I'd love to know what you think.