Thursday, December 1, 2011

Announcing WHEEZY on Amazon Kindle

Appearing in the spirit world with no memory is like a jagged shank in the eye. No one met him to show him the ropes. No user guide. Worse than having no name: unable to sense the passing of time—the disjointed emotions, history and future of the live-ones he's near flowing into his head uninvited.

Once he adjusts to his depression, he seeks purpose in his perpetuity. A fellow spirit insists they can't interfere with the live-ones. It makes things worse, the ancient teen claims. That appears true quickly enough when his meddling throws those he tries to help from irritating situations to life-threatening ones. As though it isn't tough enough to fall in love with someone who can walk through him.

Wheezy, the local medium, though sweet as can be, is no help. Actually, she enables his tampering.

And, there's the six-year-old he knows will become a serial killer.

WHEEZY is a paranormal novel filled with quirky characters, live and dead thugs, evil lawyers, conspiracy, unrequited love, and a passel of spirits each with unique abilities.

R. Mac Wheeler
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