Monday, December 19, 2011

Announceing SEEker is on Amazon

An autistic man living in a group home, a slacker, and two brothers with an ocean under the bridge between them are an unexpected foursome recovering bail jumpers and fugitives. More unexpected, their success. And luck staying alive.

It helps that one of them has a little unnatural help.

And that he can hack any computer network.

SEEker tilts with masculine wise cracking, guns, weight rooms, and basketball gyms, balanced with the sentiment of tough guys accepting a challenged man and his wimpy friend, insight in what creates bonds between men. There's gratuitous lusting, shooting, falling in love, shooting, pickup trucks, shooting, a sexy FBI agent, beefy men, and of course an evil antagonist.

SEEker is a suspense, adventure, paranormal, bounty hunter tale that leaves open the possibility that the dork can get the babe.

SEEker is a great holiday read. J
Download it from Amazon today.

Regards, R. Mac Wheeler  
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Cover by Calista Taylor

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  1. I'm buying it tomorrow when my honey is out and can't see what I'm doing :-)