Monday, November 14, 2011

Today's Favorite Passage

"We'll probably descend really quickly, so—"

The words weren't out of his mouth before the jet plummeted at a ninety-degree angle. A screech barreled out of my mouth. New Chick jerked, pulling down her blanket. Her eyes were saucers. She was belching out an "Ahhhhhh" too.


The two of us screamed over his words. We fell for a ten count—a technical knockout. My ears hurt like hell. My stomach got left behind as the plane made another ninety-degree turn. I felt wheels touch, and the engines roared—not as loud as New Chick and me.

I wiggled to ensure I didn't wet myself. New Chick said a triple expletive, one I'd never heard before. It was a good one. I'd have to remember it. Made me smile. She wasn't. I leaned back to catch my breath. For a second I thought my brain had forgotten how to breathe. Finally air made it down my throat.

The engines quieted as we bounced along the runway. Obviously a very short runway, because we jammed to a stop a helluva lot faster than I expected.

"What were the acrobatics for?" New Chick asked.

"We're at war, remember," Adam said. "Easy descents make great targets."

I thought of the few war movies I'd ever watched. The concept wouldn't click. Kill yourself. Save your enemy the effort. Made no sense. I chose not to voice that opinion.



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