Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today's Favorite Passage

"So I want east. East. Straight," I shouted, as though it was critical Zach knew exactly what I was thinking. "Interstate Eighty East," I read.

A second later I turned left up the onramp. I never drove on the highway. I hated highways. Objects rolled way too freaking fast. There was no rule against me driving on the highway, I just hated to. Never any reason to. My big weekly exploration took me straight down Kennedy to the best mall in Tampa.

I looked to my left and behind and saw nothing but a string of headlights hurtling toward me. "Ayeeeeee."

"What? What?" Zach shouted.

At least he was still alive. "I hate merging onto a highway!" I'm pretty sure I screamed it.

My phone rang.

"Not now! Not now!"

I accelerated, as though I knew what I was doing. The ring of the phone hammered at my skull.

"Out of my way! Out of my way!"


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1 comment:

  1. You know just how to leave a cliff hanger :)