Monday, November 14, 2011

Test Driving a Cover

I'm working with a wonderful cover designer, but her last mockup provoked a tangential idea. I'm currently test driving this cover.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Is it really boring?

I like the color, simplicity. I find it sharp and eye catching.

All feedback appreciated  ;O)

Regards, Mac


  1. I LOVE it. Looks like the perfect cover to me.

  2. I'm intrigued. My eye went right to the crow in the tree. The color pulls me in. You get my vote.

  3. I don't think it's boring, the colour makes it.

  4. I LOVE it. Having recently read SONG OF CROW, I know what that bird is thinking! Very spectacular. Don't change it.

  5. I love it. Eye catching; simple. Yeah, my eye was drawn to the crow too.

    The question is; does it represent the story concept, or is it just very awesome?


  6. Hi Donna--There is symbolism in the dead tree, and the sole crow. The bird gives me the whole "Nevermore" vibe. And the font of course hints of a ghost story.

    My expectation (hope) is that is enough to prompt the potential reader to scan the description for more.

    In previous mock ups I used the subtitle "Medium of Casing, FL"

    I felt this bold cover shouldn't be covered with anything unnecessary--and I opted to drop the subtitle.

    -- ;O) Mac

  7. I like this cover. It stands out. I think your eye is drawn to the bird. Good design.