Friday, November 11, 2011

Announcing REVENIR is Live on Amazon

The night the five-thousand year-old shape shifter comes across the handsome human trespassing on her ranch, she's already feeling a tad randy. After all, she hasn't taken a lover in four decades. Mating within her kith is complex, and she doesn't get out much. There are good reasons she hasn't left her plains stronghold. She hasn't adjusted to the modern world's contrivances that sear revenir flesh—as though her kinds’ reaction to sunlight isn’t bad enough. Besides, modern humans carry too much baggage for her taste. Neither do they cope well with the bloodletting revenirs like with their sex. Their fragility is problematic, as is their terribly short life spans. She's just getting them broken in and they die on her of old age.

Meeting the strapping intruder couldn't have come at a worse time, because she's about to become very busy. Her five-million-strong clan is about to go to war. In days fellow kithmen are dying. Are her adversaries humans out to eradicate her kind, half-breeds planning to overthrow their lords, or other revenirs threatening her position as queen? All three, or more?

Whichever, she accepts the blame. She turned a blind eye to the endowed within her realm who have flaunted their existence and endangered their race by irresponsibly turning humans. Retribution looms, which could make the Inquisition look trifling. Two of Renee's oldest and dearest friends, and her new human lover are abducted. She throws all of her resources into their return, the identification of her enemies, and revenge.

REVENIR is an immortal fantasy with adult situations, violence, and lusting inappropriate for children.

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