Saturday, November 19, 2011

Announcing REVENIR INTERN on Amazon

Sixteen-year-old Caitlin Janecek is a privileged member (spoiled brat) of a secret society she has no interest in (she's an ingrate). Her overly-honest junior essay (she doesn't know to keep her mouth shut) points out that lack of appreciation, which places her under her queen's scrutiny (she's busted).

Instead of spending her summer on the beach, she ends up working nights wearing an armored vest, crisscrossing the nation in a private jet chasing vampires who won't play fair, whacked vampire hunters, and noshing Nerd candies with a twelve-year-old sidekick who proves he DOES know everyone in the kith.

The Queen, a five-thousand-year-old immortal shapeshifter, leads her clan in a two-front war against rogue revenirs, and humans determined to exterminate what they believe is an insidious race of parasites (they're hung up on the Hollyweird stereotype). The clan's battle meant nothing to Cait (she couldn't be bothered). But the conflict becomes personal after she sees another side of the life she was born to, and she dives into the kith's complicated world.

Hanging out with macho guys draping cannons from their shoulders is less irksome than she expected, ancients are more blowhards that menacing. She survives a number of deadly scrapes creating a reputation for herself (besides spoiled ingrate), and careens headlong in the search for her abducted roommate.

Cait's loyalty to the Queen soars, only to be threatened when she believes she's been used as a pawn.

REVENIR INTERN is a paranormal adventure that moms and dads will be borrowing their daughters' Kindles to read. Contains gratuitous wisecracking and enough violence to generate a gross-out or two.

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