Monday, October 17, 2011

Today's Favorite Passage

Ike sipped at the whisky in his mug. He struggled not to make a face. It wasn't his kind of drink. Tasted like something a blacksmith might use to melt iron.


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  1. I've only tasted whiskey once - Yukon Jack. I think you described it perfectly!

  2. Most wrestle with the first sensation, a mouth full of bees. The sting is to awaken the tongue grown lazy with easy talk. Once aroused, the tongue is better suited for the subtly of the oak, cherry, or whatever aged cask in which the nectar slumbered. Then there’s the most beautiful color, the golden brunette I wish all women were blessed with. The luscious aroma alone can intoxicate connoisseurs.

    No one is born to a teat of fine whiskey or swaddled in its warm after-taste. It would be wasted on such innocents, who fear the harmless bee and wail too often at the richness of new world before them.